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kiss 2018 goodbye

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Hello from the new year! Doesn't that feel so good to finally say? I don't know about you all but for me 2018 was all about lessons. From massive changes to unexpected dilemmas 2018 was quiet the ride.

2019 darling, please be kind to us.

I know you'll laugh when you read that but deep down you're hoping for the same thing. Any new year starts out the same for most of us; big goals and dreams and NEW NEW NEW. But how many of us stick to those new outlooks when the going gets tough? I know I am often guilty of this so I want to give you 3 tips to help you keep on track for the best year of your life.

This one can be tough but its the most important place to start. Grab a piece of paper and for a few minutes to sit in total silence and envision your idea of your perfect life. Remember, this is your dream so whatever comes to mind, embrace it and dream. Feel the emotions, take in the sights and really get into your imagination. Now grab that pen and paper and write down everything you imagined as fast as you can. Leave nothing out; the sights, goals and especially the feelings. Once you've wrote everything down take a moment to access your ideal life. Ask yourself why this is what you want. Write down the answer and then ask yourself why again. Dig down to the extreme truth of your goals.


Lets be honest, some of you may be wired like me and make massive goals. Let me be the first to tell you that that is 100% acceptable. What's not acceptable is expecting yourself to conquer those goals over night. After years of trial and error, and some sound advice from my husband, I have approached goal setting with a new mindset. Take small bites. Remember back in school when you were studying for a test how they encouraged you to break the material down into smaller sections and take a breather in between? Well if you were like me I completely disregarded that and crammed. Well, that doesn't work out so great in life. You can't cram all these goals into your mind and expect massive change overnight, I promise from experience that will not go well. Instead looks at your goals and prioritize them. Pick something you know you can easily tackle and start there. Once you create the habit of chasing that one goal you'll create momentum and can tackle your list a little easier. For example I have some serious winter fluff I need to shed. Instead of demanding I lose weight by a certain date and expecting my mind and body to just follow suit, I've started with water. Goodbye to the soda and hello to massive water intake. Want to know the funny thing? I've been so focused on getting all my water in that my cravings have stopped and my mind is clearing from that sugary fog of too much soda and sugar. Little bites people, for your sanity sake.


Finally, when deciding to give your life a massive overhaul you have to learn to give yourself some grace. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your perfect life. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and to create better habits for next time. Its inevitable to be perfect, so showing yourself some love along the way will create a more positive mindset opening up all sorts of possibilities. Nothing in life comes easy, you just have to learn to ride the waves.



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