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twenty eight moons

It's official, I've circled the sun 28 times. Saying that out loud has resonated the weirdest emotions for me. The moments leading up to my birthday have been strange to say the least. I had set crazy expectations on who I was supposed to be by now but the funny part is, I had set myself up for failure. I searched aimlessly through the years for this "end goal" without even knowing what or where it was. How odd it is we do this to ourselves and then act shocked when we don't accomplish x,y and z.

The lonesome hum played in my ears as I saw the days approaching my day. Why hadn't I done this, wasn't I supposed to be here instead of there, why had I wasted so much time and energy on that? The list goes on as the self hate stacked up. Over the last month I have truly been miserable to myself, and what an ugly state to be in. So instead of wallowing in self pity I've decided to take a different avenue. Twenty-eight is going to be my year of self awareness. This year I choose to search deep within and really get to the bottom of my soul. What makes me tick, what makes me happy, where I'm going and why. I've come to realize one of the things that drives me craziest about myself is I internally keep SO MANY IDEAS and GOALS and then beat myself up when I don't accomplish them. Um Hello, cut yourself a break girl. Take this blog for example. I had the next 3 months planned out starting May 1st with amazing content and blogs. The stuff comes so naturally to me, the kinda ideas and themes people search google and pinterest for to seek inspiration. And yet its now May 23rd and 23 of those amazing nuggets are still sitting on their color coordinated sticky notes in my office. How greedy of me to keep those thoughts to myself when someone out there may be desperately searching for exactly what I have to offer.

My point to all this rambling is this. Life is short, the years go by fast and sitting around with amazing ideas helps no one. Our purpose here on earth is to love one anther like our creator loves us. We are magical, amazing beings who were not created in vain. Each of us offer value to this world and instead of beating ourselves up we need to show unending gratitude for all we have, because it could be gone in the blink of an eye. So if you're ready to make a change too, reach out to me. I know I'm gonna need some accountability and chances are you do too! Lets show the world what we have to offer and quit limiting ourselves because we are afraid to get a little vulnerable and share our true selves. So here's to embracing yourself, every imperfect inch of you and making the commitment to dive into self awareness and growth. The world is yours for the taking.

Radiate Positivity-Inspire Growth


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